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SIDEKICK is a versatile multi-sensing solution 

Rated to 2,500m depth, SIDEKICK is designed for versatility. Its primary goal is to facilitate the deployment of any series of oceanic sensors, without requiring you to be a marine technician or a software engineer.


Every scientist superhero needs a SIDEKICK's help from time to time.

2 Standard Configurations


SIDEKICK Data Handler

8 serial instruments



1 Basler camera

4 serial instruments

Typical Use

Pre-launch: You log into the SIDEKICK and make sure your personalized "State Machine" routine is configured as required to a) schedule b) trigger, upon a certain water condition, or c) respond to a TCP command to start the acquisition and recording of your instruments. All data will be stored on your drive of choice and time-stamped.

Mission: Let's assume you chose to activate the record switch on deck, the State machine starts its routine. It has been programmed to wait 1 hour before recording (or maybe to reach a certain depth before recording). Logging starts as planned and ends after a set duration (or until the unit is brought back to deck or.... your choice).

Retrieval: You are not done for the day, and therefore you choose to just log-in and retrieve graphs showing you the instruments profiles you just made. You quickly check data make sense and if the files are not too big, you download them at speed of approx. 90MB/sec

End of day: Your day is finished. You have acquired  a lot of data. You choose to open the end-cap (in less than a few minutes) and pull out the USB-3 cable and download the day's work at speed of approx. 800MB/sec. Another option could be to swap the external SSD for a fresh one.

Data control end-cap

The Control end-cap shows connectors for:

Networking: Remote-in from a your laptop, Interface a TCP connection, connect via an FTP client. This port is used to configure the unit or communicate.

Power input: standard 12-36V DC input

Power On/Off Switch: via a shorted dummy plug

Trigger Switch: a simple switch trigger to start a mission. Connect your own cable or use our shorted dummy plug.

Status LED Light: a RGB light lets you know the ready/recording/error/completion status

Instrument End-Cap

The Instrument end-cap shows connectors for up to 7 bulkhead connectors to interface your selection of instruments.
The SIDEKICK imager assigns a LAN port and power port and leave 5 spare connectors available for other instruments

We will set-up your initial configurations.

We've also made the enclosure so it can be easily opened. Inside, you'll find all the right hardware and components as well as a terminal block that will give you the ability to rewire a bulkhead connector if you decide to adapt the SIDEKICK to a new instrument with a different pin-out.

Internal Components

GIOATA Computer with:

2 x USB3 ports

5 x USB2 ports

1 x 10/100/1000Mbps LAN Port

2TB hard drive

Power Bricks.png
Power Bricks.png
USB Relay Board.jpg

30W Power Bricks

12VDC and 24VDC

Relay Board

to turn your instruments On/Off

USB to Serial.png
Samsung T7.jpg

USB to Serial boards

Each board can interface with up to 4 serial instruments

Solid State Hard-drive

2TB or 4TB

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